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==>[s] Nations: Enter

The air is still, all is calm.
You are a nation, whether you are old and wary, or young and naive, it doesn't matter. By now you've come to realize that this sort of calm and peace is highly unusual of the world.
You feel like maybe there is something going on, but you brush it off. It's no big deal, you should just appreciate it while it lasts.
You walk to your postbox to get the day's post and inside lies one thing only.
It is a small envelope.
It's labled "sburb".
What will you do?


General Rules:

1. Be Creative! This is a roleplay group about Nation-tans playing Sburb. Try to have fun with your own ideas instead of doing it the exact way it's done in Homestuck.
2. Be respectful. Got a problem with someone? Don't talk to them. Simple.
3. Only one person per character!
4. Fill out the application and all of it needed.
5. This group is meant to encourage not only writing, but art as well. If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, you are still welcome to join.
6. Please be active. You can be active in the OOC Chat or in the IC Chat, or you could be a great contributor, but please show that you have a reason to be here.
8. Don't join if you only like one of them?
-If you only like Homestuck and want to join, you're going to be REALLY LOST.
-If you only like Hetalia and want to join, you're going to be REALLY LOST.
9. Of course you are not obligated to a schedule. Have fun with this group at your leisure.


Character List

Note that the Holy Roman Empire is not on the list; This is because many many people headcanon that he is Germany. Respectively, Chibitalia is not on the list.

We are an OC friendly group! OCs are welcome with open arms, so long as they have already been researched and established and are up to snuff. More on OCs Later.

North Italy: Open
Germany: Open
Japan: Open
(United States of) America: Open
England/United Kingdom: Open
France: Open
Russia: Open
China: Open
Austria: Open
Belgium: Taken by LiaKit
Hungary: Open
Liechtenstein: Open
Netherlands: Open
South Italy: Taken by Fernvie
Spain: Open
Switzerland: Open
Belarus: Open
Estonia: Open
Latvia: Open
Lithuania: Open
Poland: Open
Ukraine: Open
Denmark: Open
Finland: Open
Iceland: Open
Norway: Open
Sweden: Open
Egypt: Open
Greece: Open
Turkey: Open
Hong Kong: Open
South Korea: Open
Taiwan: Open
Vietnam: Open
Canada: Open
Cuba: Open
Ancient Rome: Open
Germania: Open
Prussia: Open
Sealand: Open
Seychelles: Open

OC List

Sri Lanka: Fernvie


This collection does not have any deviations yet!





Group Info

A simple roleplay group where personified nations of the world have receive in the mail a simple videogame. They make their teams and set off to avoid the end of the world that has been brought on by this game. Long story short; Hetalia Nations play Sburb, a Hetalia and Homestuck Crossover group.
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 7, 2013


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2 Members
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